Extra dues / Century Cup

Extra dues / Century Cup

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  • Pay multiple years dues.
  • Help your "century" in the Century Cup competition
  • Pay your past dues, so you can sleep at night, Piker.
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Use this page in combination with the "Pay Your Dues" page.

  • If you are just paying a single years dues USE THIS PAGE.

  • If you are paying multiple years dues: use this page, "Add to the Cart" then USE THIS PAGE to make sure you PAY THIS CALENDAR YEAR and get your digital download "V.I.P. Card" and password to unlock bonus features of this website, and entitle you to special treatment at all Delta Pi Alumni Events.

If you JUST use this page, you will miss out on your card and password.  That would be a shame.

- Pay for as many years as you like.

- We leverage each dollar to the best of our ability.

- Our accounting, meeting minutes, and record keeping are open to dues paying members.

* You can also use this page to simply make a contribution, in increments of $50. simply by picking the number of years you want to contribute, and adding that to your cart.

If all else fails, you can always make a contribution the "old fashioned" way, and send your check to our Treasurer:

Ed Minner
Treasurer, DPSPAA
761 Whitebriar Road
Hockessin, DE 19707