Delta Pi is a "no Judgement zone"

By David Decoteau

This post is actually the result of a conversation brothers had on Facebook after the passing of Eric Scott.

There is a line in a letter his sister, Heidi sent that breaks my heart.  She was talking about her brother, and explaining why he had not stayed active in Delta Pi, even though, many of his best times were had with the brotherhood.  The line is as follows, 

I think he had some disappointment in the path his life took, and I don’t think he was comfortable not being the guy everyone thought he would be.
— Heidi Scott

Brothers, if any of you, or any brother you know feels this way: please realize that no one in Delta Pi gives a shit if you are a C.E.O. or a welder.

Everyone is equal scum in the eyes of Delta Pi. 

Feeling “less than” is why you need friends...not reason to avoid them. 

Please reach out to any brothers who stays away because they think Delta Pi Alumni status is a competition: it’s not. 

I’m a Landscaper for God sake. Doesn’t get any lower than that. And you can all GFY if you don’t see me as your equal. 

These are times that call for brotherhood and connections. No man is an island. Not to quote Hilary, but “It takes a village”. 

Let’s endeavor to make Delta Pi the “no judgement zone” it needs to be. I truly believe this organization can be transformative. It’s changed my life for sure. Here’s hoping we can reach others.

Delta Pi doesn't give a damn if you're a big shot or not.

Delta Pi doesn't give a damn if you're a big shot or not.