Eric Steven Scott passes - 4/22/18

Eric and Todd Talarico.  Freshman roomates.  Who knew they could ride bikes.

Eric and Todd Talarico.  Freshman roomates.  Who knew they could ride bikes.

Got a letter from his sister, Heidi yesterday informing me of the loss of her brother. We corrisponded back and forth yesterday, with some memories... comforting each other a little bit.

She sent this last night, and asked that I share it with you all:

"Hey Dave,

Please feel free to let the brotherhood know about Eric’s passing. I know so many of you were asking for him which is why I wanted to let you know he had died. Just a little personal info about him to share.. 

Eric would have been married 16 years this year. He and his wife were married in Jamaica which was witnessed only by my parents. He had no children. He lived close to Avalon New Jersey, only 15 minutes from me. He loved to boogie board and body surf in Avalon with my younger brothers. He looked forward to our yearly family trip to the Outer Banks, NC, where he enjoyed fishing and the ocean. He will be beyond missed this year.This is where we will scatter his ashes along with his beloved “son”, his boxer dog Porter. We had no funeral service as his death was so sudden and my sister in law is still in shock. Eric was the best babysitter, uncle and confidant to my two children. He never missed a birthday or holiday with us and grew very close to his family over the years. Eric worked usually six days a week and always helped anyone with any project or anyone in need. He loved his Harley Davidson motorcycle. I am so proud to have been his sister and take pride in calling him my brother. He really had a lasting effect on everyone he met whether by his stature or demeanor. He really loved his days at Bloomsburg and his brothers, but I think he had some disappointment in the path his life took, and I don’t think he was comfortable not being the guy everyone thought he would be. 

Please feel free to share any of this with anyone you want. Since Eric loved dogs more than most people, we asked for any donations be made to 

Cape May County Animal Shelter
4 Moore Road
Cape May Court House, NJ 08210

Thank you so much for your kind words. Some of the most memorable years of my life were spent with my brother at Delta Pi in Bloomsburg. I have wonderful memories of making dinner for Eric and Chris Snyder on the third floor and lunches in the Commons. Every brother at Delta Pi treated me with respect and as if I was their own little sister, and I knew that was out of respect (and fear) of Eric. 

I hope you can reflect on all the good times with him and find comfort in your memories.

Heidi Angelastro

- On a personal note:

Eric was my "go to" guy when I went to Bloom. Strong in body and mind. Logical. We called him "Scotty" both for his name, and reference to Star Trek and Mr. Spock. I will have the luxury of always thinking of him in those terms. He was one of the best men I knew at that time.

I'm personally struggling with the loss of another good Delta Pi friend today. As the sky is grey and I listen to the rain hit the roof, there is a sombre mood in my heart and in the air.

He will be missed.

'Til ya die.


There was a great conversation and commemoration of Eric that happened on the Facebook page upon posting this news.  It's worth taking a look, if you need some closure.

If you have your own memories, comments or questions about "Scotty" please feel free to leave them in the comments below.