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Delta Pi dues.

Make sure you read everything on this page to use it correctly and get all your perks of membership.  Learn how to pay for multiple years.

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Pay your dues, show your support, and reap the benefits!


Delta Pi now supplies a card for digital download that allows you to show your support and loyalty at any time, and immediately begin getting "extra perks" from the organization, in return for your support and "Good Standing".

After paying your dues, you will receive a link to download a document that contains your verification and "brother card".

Print that document, sign it, and carrying it for the coming calendar year.

  • The password, will allow you access to special features of this website.

  • The card will allow you special perks at Delta Pi functions.

  • This amount will be applied to THIS CURRENT YEAR.

The program will give dues paying Alumni the recognition and respect they deserve for their continued support, with the added benefit of being able to use your card to lord over non-dues paying brothers during social occasions.  And isn't that really what brotherhood is all about? 


Pay all at the same time: follow these instructions:

1.  On this page, Click the "Add to Cart" button .

2. Then, Click the button for "Pay multiple years dues" at the bottom of the page.

3.  Follow the directions on that page then press the cart icon at top to check out.

You will get a final opportunity to make sure you've put everything in the cart that you want and need.

Take a look around before you check out.  Maybe get a glass or a shirt or something.  Support Delta Pi, and look good doing it!

If all else fails; mail a check to: 

Ed Minner
Treasurer, DPSPAA
761 Whitebriar Road
Hockessin, DE 19707