Introducing - V.I.P. brothers

It has always been a struggle to be inclusive in the alumni brotherhood, while recognizing those who go the extra mile to stay “in good standing”.  That is to say, how do you give the brothers who pay their dues “value added” without totally excluding a guy who might want only sporadic involvement with the Alumni group?

In the past, we have used efforts like the “Century Cup” to motivate some friendly competition and “value added” to dues paying brothers in good standing.  And that effort has worked and will be continued.  The Alumni Board feels we should continue to add new features that further the experiences of dues paying brothers while giving non-dues paying brothers access to at least minimum levels of opportunity to match their level of interest and commitment.

V.I.P. Brothers

(a.k.a. "Card Carrying" Delta Pi Brothers)

(A.K.A. "Very Important Pi's")

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From now on, when each brother pays their dues they will be prompted to download a document (at right) that will be available for 24 hours after they pay their dues.  

On that download will be a removable “thank you” card that VIP brothers can carry with them, as a “card carrying” Delta Pi brother (see attached).  The card will be proof of “good standing” and will contain a password that can be used to unlock special values for dues paying brothers only.

The password will be changed each year.  

V.I.P. Website specials:

  • Admin - Financials, Minutes, Bylaws, Agendas and more!
  • Bonus photos, songs, videos, etc!
  • VIP surprise content!

We plan to still keep a good amount of stuff on the regular website, but have special sections of “bonus material” that can only be accessed by dues paying brothers.

We hope this effort will help brothers contemplate their level of committment to Delta Pi.

V.I.P. Event specials

The Board will only post these special VIP offers to the website, and then announce the posting on Facebook.  You only get access, if you are in good standing.  

VIP status at events might mean:

  • Special pricing!
  • Special perks!
  • Special swag!

V.I.P. Product specials

We will also offer any products we sell at our new store at a discounted rate to VIP brothers.  VIP brothers will use their password to obtain their discount. This will give discounts to brothers committed to Delta Pi.