Hot tub time machine weekend - Bloom style!

Posted on April 28, 2015 by Wooly


 Purcell 328 Soaks it All in…

Delta Pi Brothers:

This is my official “Thank You” to Dave Decoteau for coordinating this entire past weekend.  I for one experienced “Hot Tub Time Machine” this weekend.  From the Zeta Psi Watermelon Suck, to the Tri-Sig Mixer, to the Delta Pi “In Party” at DEB’s for the new Delta Pi Brothers, this was in short a fantasy weekend.  Due to Dave’s networking and great relations with both fraternity and sorority alumni personnel, we as Delta Pi Alumni were invited to all of the before mentioned events.  In addition, due to Dave’s great networking, we were treated like rock stars at each and every event.  The Zeta Psi Brothers could not have been any more inviting, as were the Tri-Sig Sisters, and of course the active Delta Pi Brothers at the “In” party for the new brothers.  (They no longer have Hell Night party’s, but “In” parties for new Brothers).  Everyone at each event was coming up to us and saying, “We heard a lot of Delta Pi Brothers were coming up this weekend, and it is so cool that you are here.  Tell us about the old days, etc.”.  Believe it or not, people want to hear about the crazy shit we did back in the day.

At the DEB’s House for the Delta Pi “In” party for new Brothers at 10:00 p.m. Saturday night (our third outstanding event of the day) I was standing in the DEB’s basement.  It was dark, the place was packed, the floor was sticky and wet (God knows what we were standing in), everyone was smoking, the music was blaring, people were playing beer drinking games, the new Brothers were doing shots with everyone, I was standing with fifteen or so Delta Pi Alumni, everyone wanted to talk to us, and I stood back for a moment to soak it all in.  I smiled to myself, and I realized nothing had changed.  Yes, the music was different, the girls were dressed different, and I was much older, but for that brief moment, I was a Delta Pi Brother back in Bloomsburg, feeling 22 years old and on top of the world.  This is a feeling many of us try to recapture and yearn for, and we had it this last weekend, just for a few hours.  And you know what, it was amazing and worth every second.

We have something special as Delta Pi Alumni.  We probably did not realize it when we were in school, but we had something special, and yes, were were the best.  I received numerous confirmations from this over the weekend when Zeta Psi and other brothers told us how much they liked the Crag, and how great it must have been to have been Delta Pi, etc.  What is so great is that when we get back together, we are once again great and have a great time.  As we left the Tri-Sig House Saturday night, I was laughing and told the other Delta Pi Brothers I was with, “I am drunk, walking around Bloomsburg on a cold spring night, folks are walking around everywhere, and I was with several brothers heading to the next party, I feel like it is 1983 and nothing has changed”.  I realize everything has changed, but for that moment, just that one moment, I did not have a care in the world and was hanging with the brothers.  There was no where else in the world I would have rather been at that moment.

When we met the active Brothers at the DEB House we would introduce ourselves and say our numbers.  When I said, “328” for my number, their eyes would light up as they were amazed anyone could be that old!  (They are in the mid-700’s now)  The first thing the actives would ask is, “Were you Crag?”  When I said yes, they would get all excited and want to hear stories about what we did back in the day.  Truly amazing.  You think nobody gives a shit, but they do.  Perhaps it was just an amazing lining of the stars and we had enough alumni back for the right weekend that it all worked for just a moment.  I know that it was fun enough that I want to try it again.

This brings me back to the beginning.  None of this would have been possible without Dave.  He built the relationships with the other Greek organizations that led to the invites to the events.  He drove all of the alumni so we were safe and did not get into trouble.  He sacrificed his time with the brothers so the brothers could have fun.  How much more Brotherly could one be?  I Told Dave that in the future if we get a block of hotel rooms at one hotel, I would volunteer to drive for a weekend so he could “drink with the Brothers”.  I think Bloomsburg is on the cusp of a “Pan Greek” organization, and in the end, would that not be great?  Go back to Bloom for Homecoming or a spring Alumni weekend and mix with all of the other Greeks?  It can be successful, as evidenced by this last weekend.  If you could, pass this on to any alumni that is not copied on this message.  If you ever want to catch lightning, just for a minute, then get back up to Bloom for an alumni event, and maybe, just maybe, you will be successful 🙂  328