Homecoming 2018 Recap

I wasn’t there for long, but I did make the Friday night Lambda Chi F.A.R.T. party, a quick stint at the Delta Pi house near the Hospital, and then a bit of time Saturday at the Alumni meeting, the Alumni tent, and then a quick run around the Stadium/Tailgate area.


Tailgate / Scholarship

Joe Zak did an outstanding job as our Social extrodinaire with taking care of the food, location and details of the tailgate event. Many good things were said about the spread.

As is our tradition, we award our scholarships at Homecoming.

Because of the generosity of our Alumni, these vested amounts have grown to a point that is sizable, and a MAJOR economic benefit to our brothers who qualify and apply. You can look here to see an accounting of our past scholarship award amounts and recipients.

Josh Sullivan - Scholarship Coordinator, and Roger Lowry - Alumni Association President are seen on the left of these photos awarding the scholarships to our brothers.

The Unwashed Masses

A contingent of brothers got together for this Homecoming because I believe it was their 25 year out of college? Can you guess the pledge class? This generation includes the likes of Koz, Farnsworth, Finn, Reimert, and other freaks pictured below.


  • Roger came in from St. Louis.

  • Evan came from Florida.

  • Hank and Galen drove in from Philly burbs/Delaware.

  • Reimert from N. Carolina? (somewhere south).

These guys can make it, so can you.

Hope to see a bunch more brothers in 2019.