Good press - Greeks volunteer - 4/24/11

A letter to the Editor of the Press Enterprise, after a particularly bad week of news about young people and the furture of the world.

In an age of headlines dominated by bad news about the activities of our young people, it’s easy to miss the other side of the equation.  


Yesterday in the news I saw a girl beat-up in a McDonalds, while young people looked on and did nothing.  I read about 15 yr. old kids killing and dismembering their friend.  I read about two girls committing simultaneous suicide.  I learned all this before I finished my first cup of coffee in the morning!  Obviously, the situation must be hopeless.


Locally, I read about Block Party problems.  I watch a video of some punk punching a guy in the face knocking him unconscious, while other local youth casually step over his motionless body to get back into the bar.  Disgusting behavior, and obviously just the continuation of the national trend mentioned above.


But when I go out and ACTUALLY LIVE MY LIFE, I see something different.


Yesterday, we ran the 8thAnnual Robbins 5K and 10K run in Danville.  As the Event Manager, I put out multiple emails and phone calls prior to the event, asking people to come and help.  As usual, response was light…except when it came to younger people.  


Mrs. Debra Burger, of the Danville High School, made an announcement to her Honor Society students, and within a day or two we had five students signed-up to help at 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday: when most other students are still asleep in their beds.


And the volunteerism didn’t stop at the High School level.


I can confidently say that without the GREEK STUDENTS of the Bloomsburg University volunteering to help with all the events of the River Towns Race Series, we simply could no longer field the races.  The races have grown dramatically in size, and the only portion of volunteerism that has grown along with the series is the involvement of the Greek students of Bloomsburg University.


Delta Pi and Beta Sig fraternities and Alpha Sigma Tau sorority have been the three organizations to volunteer the most over the years.  Delta Pi has consistently sent groups of students to our events over the past three years.  Alpha Sigma Tau, less frequently, but they can always be counted on if asked.  And each time these students arrive at my events, they are ready to help, courteous, fun, and fine representatives of not only our area, but of the future of our nation.


So the next time you pick-up the newspaper and feel like just getting back in bed, rather than face the world full of all these awful people and actions; comfort yourself with the fact that there is another side of our youth, that apparently just isn’t sensational enough to hold reader’s interest.  The good side of our youth apparently just isn’t as “newsworthy”; but it’s out there if you look for it.