Scott Fasso #209 - update

Update on Brother Fraz:

Great news, Scott has been responding wonderfully to the bone marrow transplant. He just had a follow up with his Dr and most of his blood counts are near stds numbers. The bone marrow test came back good & it would appear his body has accepted Patti's marrow with no sign of rejection. They are continuing to seen him off some of his meds and his sugar counts are beginning to stabilize. He has had no blood transfusions or platelets since leaving the hospital in September. Very good news for Scott and his entire family.
When we were at our reunion, we had some discussion about doing something for Scott and Mark Dougherty suggested that Patti deserves the recognition more than Fraz! The more I have thought about it, I think it's a great idea!

I was thinking about arranging for a "Spa Day" for her at a salon in her home town. If all of us chip in, I think we can give her a special experience and show our appreciation as Scott's brothers for her loving gift to her brother.

Send the checks to me:
JIm Stutzman
P.O. Box 2838
Winchester, VA. 22604

I will collect them thru 12/15, then purchase the gift certificate and send to Patti with a card and the names of all the brothers who contributed.

No amount is too little, just please participate. If you want to reach out to me: or 540-974-2201


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