IFC Cup Retirement

By Toni Vannicola (with some consultation with Al Schoch).

Almost every Spring, all these years later.... "Cup Fever” will randomly flash into my memory. So, a nostalgic tip of the cap to ALL of the 150+ brothers who contributed to us winning the IFC Cup three years in a row; the first fraternity to ever do it. Quickly penciled out are a few of the many. Take a break and have a bit of fun recalling it. Then, fill in the blanks on who is missing. Stay healthy. 

• Greek Week:  Joe MillerMichael Tricoski, Tim Hoffman,  Bradford Marshalll, John Gillespie, Jeff Carson, Lou Petrucci Tom Henniger, Scott Baird, Joe Antellocy, Tom Fager,  Tom LamendolaScott Feinstein Bobby Lamendola
• Basketball:  Bill Hanchak (“the Carbondale Flash”), Joe Roder, Randy MacKenzie, Bryan Munchal, Mike Moors Joe Vaughn, Scott AhlumPJ Rajkowski, Mike Ross
• Wrestling: Todd Pelleschi, Bill HowerBob SnyderRick Kirkpatrick, Ken Jones, Bill Covert, Joe Licata
• Soccer:  Ken CeccoSteve Whaley, Greg Hayton, Dan PerryPhil Ferdinand 
• Racquetball: Scott Markley, Jerry Geiger, Phil Fenton 
• Water Polo: Scott Gagen, Rick Huff
• Volleyball: Ken Cowen, Leo Camera, Jeff Miller
• Golf:  Barry J Westington, Keith Walz, 
• Tennis:  Kevin McCloskey, Tom Carden, 
• Weightlifting: Corey Strong, Steve Menet, 
• Headlines:  Joe Miller &  Michael Tricoski with “blazing” speed in track events.  Steve WhaleyKen Cecco & Greg Hayton leading us to a BIG soccer victory vs. SIO, clinching the 82 Cup. Tim Hoffman literally tackling guys in IFC basketball.  Scott Baird & Joe Smith coaching us up. Scott Gagen’s non-stop scoring and simultaneously drowning opponents in water polo. “Screwball” Drew King with his shirt off, drunk & screaming non-stop (“Delta Pi, F’ing do or die!!!”) at every event. And... those three Cup parties.

Click on images below to see some photos of the cup and read what people have to say about those heady days:

Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Dirty dealings by SIO

When Delta Pi retired the cup, there were apparently hard feelings by Sigma Iota Omega fraternity. Instead of sportingly turning over the cup to Delta Pi (as is customary) SIO decided to pretend they had “misplaced” the cup. The attached letter was their formal position on the subject. Rumor has it, the original cup was badly vandalized and destroyed (instead of being gentlemanly).

It was a childish act that accomplished nothing, as the record will forever show clear earning and retiring of the cup…twice over the years of Delta Pi.

Delta Pi SIO IFC cup letter.jpg