The David "Weez" Vannicola Scholarship

This scholarship is a little different (like Weez).  

It is not awarded through the school, or vested in any way.  The $500.00 seed money is put up by Dave's brother Tony each year, and anyone is allowed to add to that total during the course of the year, by using our store, and making a contribution.

Whatever is in the account, is what is awarded each year @ Homecoming...and then, the process starts again.  Because it is a dynamic fund/scholarship, it exists purly at the will of the brothers.  It's not a tax deductable donation, but it is a great way to help the brothers that help Delta Pi endure.

This Scholarship is also unique because the recipient is selected by the Active brothers, and not the conditions dictated by the University, Alumni or the Foundation.  This is our most versatile, direct, and dynamic award.

Tony asked that criteria be considered for the award as follows:

Dave (#369) pledged Delta Pi in the spring of 1983, graduating in May, 1986.  Tragically, he recently passed away.  To honor his memory, a $500 annual scholarship in his name is now available to the Brother who best meets the outlined criteria.     

Dave was deeply proud to be a Delta Pi Brother.  Our fraternity allowed Dave to forge lifetime friendships and many, lasting memories.  He was known for his hilariously sharp wit and raucous extra-curricles.  More importantly, Dave was a fully committed, truly dedicated Brother.  He had a deep passion for Delta Pi.   

Tony Vannicola, #297



Application Criteria

1.     An active Delta Pi brother – All fraternity dues are paid in full

2.    Community service hours are complete

3.    Demonstrated, consistent examples of hard work & dedication to advance the fraternity i.e., recruiting pledges, volunteering, etc. etc.

4.     Tremendous pride in the fraternity; a brother who best exemplifies and truly lives the expression “he will always be there for you” 

5.    Trusted to demonstrate personal integrity by allocating the scholarship for college expenses-only i.e., tuition, books, rent, etc.  

6.    Nominated and voted to receive this scholarship by the Brotherhood at an organized fraternity meeting with a quorum