Bill Welk Scholarship

Brother Bill Welk  illuminated with many dynamic characteristics.

He was not only loyal, but had charisma unlike most
people you meet. Bill gave a hand when needed without question and stood up

for what he believed in while leading many of us in the right direction
and inspiring us to be better people.

could also tell stories like none other. His stories not only made you
laugh, but kept you at the edge of your seat begging to hear more. He
had such a good heart and had a genuine personality. It is truly
tragic to lose such a young kind hearted person, but it is a wonderful
privilege to be able to instill Bill's thoughts and ways into all of us by
forming this scholarship bearing his name. Not only does it keep Bill's
memory alive, but allows us to keep giving in his name.

The Bill Welk Scholarship Committee is proud to recognize

Mike "Rico" Guerriero (#700)

as the first recipient of The Bill Welk Scholarship.
As a Delta Pi brother, Mike has been dedicated to serving the
1 semester as Rush Chair,
2 semesters as Vice-President,
2 semesters as President

Serving on the executive board for Delta Pi has taught
Mike how to be proactive, and lead people versus follow. Mike continues to
develop his leadership skills, as current President of Delta Pi.
Mike is gaining experience by working with campus officials

Mike "Rico" Guerriero will be officially awarded the first Bill Welk
 Scholarship in a ceremony at our Homecoming activities in October  2012

Join us in congratulating Mike.